I'M Ntukza

The vision for my company is broad, the focus is not just South Africa but the rest of Africa, im thinking globally.  Afribiz Entertainment isnt just a company that is purely about music, this platform will be a machine that i utilise to help other artists too who are independent sell their music, and also sell other products like in my case i have phone stands which will be selling on the platform. The aim is to be self reliant and self sufficient, but for the vision to succeed i will need your support as a fan of my music to purchase the music and other available products. This in turn will help grow the vision of Afribiz Entertainment as we have Great ideas we would like to see come to life in the coming few years. 

Ntukza's Weekly/Monthly Message

08 February 2024

Nigeria has beat South Africa to advance to the '24 Afcon Final.

The game btween South Africa & Nigeria has ended at 1-1 (4-2) {Penalties} after a tough game which was led by Nigeria from a penalty, South Africa had hope Ronwin Williams would say the day but it was a lead to Super Eagles, Nigeria has gone through to the Afcon Cup final. South Arrica held Nigeria really well with how they had more control especially in the first half the most of problems came from their missed possession and scoring opportunities.

Well done to the Super Eagles and all the best with their next game, even though South Africa lost the game they’ve shown bravery and determination to win.  Bafana Bafana played selflessly and they showed how unified they are and I believe things are looking so much better with this current squad, a few fixes and South Africa will be a formidable force in the world of soccer.